Oct 06, 2004

The windows client has finally been built and will be in-house tested the next couple of weeks. Afterwards there will be a public pre-alpha test of it. More specific information about this will be announced here at that time.

Aug 13, 2004

The pre-alpha test has ended.
Once again thanks for helping out!

Aug 13, 2004

The pre-alpha test has been very successfull. Already there is enough information to do a lot of changes. The test will be stopped later today
- thank you for participating!

Aug 12, 2004

An error happened that deleted the file being rendered on the server. Those of you who have been experiencing "Could not find file on server" errors will have to delete the file client_state.xml and try again. Sorry about the confusion.

Aug 11, 2004

The test has started. The animation being rendered is a simple test-animation aimed at using about 5mins/frame on a modern desktop computer. It uses about 20MB of ram.
A lot of stuff isn't implemented yet, so you are probably going to see a few warnings on the way =)
Also, we are in no way responsible for any damage that this software may do to you, your computer, pet, whatever

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