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Message 8479 - Posted: 26 Jun 2008, 11:41:44 UTC

Is there possibility to run python scripts in rendering phase. Lets say that I would like to make python driven animation or neat representations which follow python algorithms, am i capable to do it in burp?
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Message 8485 - Posted: 26 Jun 2008, 17:15:28 UTC
Last modified: 26 Jun 2008, 17:19:37 UTC

Yes and no.

Yes, it is technically possible to use Python to drive your scene data during the render phase. A very limited version of the python language is shipped as part of the Blender distribution that we use. This version only includes a small set of build-in modules. Some systems furthermore have a native python installation available but you cannot count on that being the case.

And no, you are generally not encouraged to use scripts in your scene files as it adds additional administrational costs when checking your session. An administrator will have to proofread your code. If your code is not extremely clear then the session is simply rejected for security reasons.

A better way of doing it is to make a python script that actually creates the geometry and animation as keyframes in the scene file. Then you can strip away the script before uploading the scene for rendering at BURP.

If you do decide to use python code in the file that you send to BURP then please keep it well-documented and refrain from using any function calls that access the file system.
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