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Message 1135 - Posted: 2 Jun 2005, 5:32:46 UTC

Hey guys,
I think the work you've done is just fantastic!
I can't wait 'til this actually gets off the ground and into something nifty.

So, here's my question, since I haven't had that many chances at running WU (my quota is at 0), since I'm on a laptop and not always on.

Have you tried rendering yafray stills, or animations?
If you'd like, I have a sailboat project that uses yafray, and even though there are a few issues with the sky texture, it uses yafray fully, and takes about 3 hours to render a single frame on my athlon xp-m 2400+ (my profile lists 2200+, dunno where the mistake is, the clock speed is the same, fsb is diff.).

I've set up an 81 frame animation for it, with camera moves, particles, all sorts of jazz (oh yeah, using softbodies in the sails too, might wanna update blender to 2.37 for that).

I've got a gallery showing it on my website:
The blend in that sailboat category isn't up to date, so let me know if you'd like the newer version, it'd be a pleasure to participate.
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Message 1169 - Posted: 27 Jun 2005, 20:58:10 UTC

Sounds nice!

However, there are still some issues with Yafray rendering using the BURP network. Almost none of the texture features work yet and a lot of the plugins act quite strangely (Yafray is disabled completely in the builds that are currently on the network but has been in-house tested "for the fun of it").
Adding full Yafray support with BURP trough Blender will quite possibly be the next project once the internal Blender renderer is fully working under BURP. No timelime for that yet, though.
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Message boards : Number crunching : testing yafray rendering?