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Message 10219 - Posted: 18 Jun 2006, 0:00:00 UTC

Summer holidays. Starting from the 1st of July and untill the middle of September BURP will be having a summer vacation. During this time no sessions will be rendered (you can still get in the queue though) and you shouldn't expect answers from any of the devs.
Of course we (the devs) won't just be sitting around iddle, the following things are on the schedule:
  • Create the longterm storage manager program and activate it
  • Rewrite the Blender wrapper to include new ideas from the BOINC example wrapper
  • Update our patches for Blender to work with v. 2.42
  • Completely relocate the main server infrastructure and components to a new hosting facility
  • Merge our improved forum code with the mainstream BOINC CVS so that other projects may enjoy the benefits of it.
  • Relax and enjoy the sun =)

Some of the above points may cause the website to be unavailable for extended periods of time while your ISP's DNS servers update their entry for the website.
A nice summer to you all!

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Message boards : News : Summer holidays