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Message 10229 - Posted: 10 Nov 2006, 0:00:00 UTC

Stitcher improves. Several major bugfixes have been made to the tools that handle images in the system.
The stitcher (that reassembles images that were rendered seperately on multiple machines) was completely rewritten to support the very complex use of layers that Blender outputs, previously this malfunctioning component caused background layers to disappear on some sessions (ie. session 201).
Furthermore the image preview handler on the website was upgraded to handle images of HD quality and beyond. Previously, when displaying really big images, the image would collapse into a streak. Also the preview system has been corrected to no longer send out images at 100% quality levels but make use of JPEG compression to speed up the browsing experience even for full-resolution images.
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Message boards : News : Stitcher improves