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Message 10351 - Posted: 13 Mar 2010, 1:19:35 UTC

Spendable credit, can i buy a beer for it?

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Joined: 2 Mar 05
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Message 10941 - Posted: 8 May 2011, 1:43:58 UTC - in response to Message 10351.

I am not a 3D designer or anything similar, so I have no use for the spendable credit... is there a way to donate my spendable credits to anyone that can actually make use of them?

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Message 10943 - Posted: 9 May 2011, 6:28:41 UTC

Not yet, since it is still completely free to render here. You are just getting a head start with the credits.

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Message 11067 - Posted: 31 Oct 2011, 2:12:19 UTC - in response to Message 10941.

I think that a way for people to present a project and receive donations from renderers to complete their project would be a good idea.

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