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Message 11026 - Posted: 26 Aug 2011, 5:26:08 UTC

My 12 core system seems to only be using 8 cores for blender (the current units) boinc is set to use 99% of cores (11), other projects use 11 cores, but burp currently tops out at 67-68% (8.x cores) on windows. The units description says it is for 11 cores when running. Is this normal, or is somthing wrong?

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Message 11029 - Posted: 27 Aug 2011, 10:53:34 UTC - in response to Message 11026.

Probably I/O limitations.

[You can test this by overclocking your motherboard or I/O controllers, but this would never be officially recommended since doing so would void warranty and possibly cause instability or complete failure to boot]

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