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Message 11039 - Posted: 4 Sep 2011, 22:38:24 UTC

Dear Administrator.

Free-DC Stats is in the process of updating the database by creating a new concept called "Timeline Stats". Essentially the stats will display major events in a project's history. For a sample display see
Would you be interested in this concept? If so than please provide your information that you wish included via email to me at freedc_dot_cruncherpete_at_gmail_dot_com

Cruncher Pete
Free-DC Org

P.S Please delete this message after receipt as it is irrelevant to non Admins.

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Message 11040 - Posted: 5 Sep 2011, 6:27:58 UTC

It seems much of this could be autogenerated from the stats exports, the news archive and random Wikipedia articles.

I'm afraid we don't keep the historical statistics - that is left for the stats sites to do. There's a day-to-day XML export of very early BURP (and other projects) stats on Unfortunately that server is under maintenance for another few thousand years. If you are really interested in it I can put it online somewhere for you (This is a multi GB .zipped XML file, beware that parsing may be hard).

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