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Timothy Maness

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Message 1349 - Posted: 1 Jul 2005, 9:52:14 UTC
Last modified: 1 Jul 2005, 9:55:09 UTC

There's a lot of information in the stderr out file that isn't in any other projects'. I was reading through some of mine, and I thought that this was an interesting out message, though.

/usr\blender\textures\S_S_Skin2.JPG: Aborting antialias !

To many transitions.

Is this a natural image ?

anyone care to put other interesting stderr out messages in here, or help to explain what they mean?
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Message 1350 - Posted: 1 Jul 2005, 10:19:42 UTC
Last modified: 1 Jul 2005, 10:40:00 UTC

Stderr walktrough comming up:

core_client_version 4.45

Communication with BOINC CC initialized
[We setup the shared memory segment and BOINC answers when we talk to it]

Detected input arg: argv[0] is projects/
[First commandline argument is the name of the file being run - ie. the program itself]

Detected input arg: argv[1] is blender
[Second argument is the application we want to run]

Detected input arg: argv[2] is -b
[Argument 1 to that application]

Detected input arg: argv[3] is in.blend
[Argument 2 to that application]

Detected input arg: argv[4] is -f 248 0 0 1 1
[Argument 3 to that application]

Total number of input args is: argc 5

Retrieving application initialization data from BOINC
[Here we get CPU and other info from BOINC for displaying on the yet-to-be-written screensaver. Also some other info about the application and system]

Parsing argv[0] path for filename (basename)...
[Fetch out the filename (blender_4.19_windows_intelx86.exe) from the program path we found earlier]

Looking up executable archive:
Executable file is in: ../../projects/
[Find out where BOINC placed our]

Looking up input file:
Input file is: ../../projects/
[Find out where BOINC placed our input data file]

Looking up output file:
Output file is: ../../projects/
[Find out where we are to place the compressed output when we are done]

Decompressing executables...
Decompressing inputfile...

Setting up commandline request...
[Build the commandline call to the application we want to run (Blender) - this is platform dependent. Windows needs a different way of representing paths etc.]

Spawning child blender -b in.blend -f 248 0 0 1 1
blender -b in.blend -f 248 0 0 1 1
[Actually run the commandline request that we just built]

Setting up child communication...
[Change state to a waiting loop where we wait for any sign from the just started application]

C:[-->] Booting...
, 18, 17Com : Communication established, booting...
[We got the sign, everything is good, change state to "In-progress"]

Using Python version 2.3
Warning: could not determine argv[0] path
No installed Python found.
Only built-in modules are available. Some scripts may not run.
Continuing happily.
[Output from Blender, it tells us that it can't find any installed Python and that it doesn't know the full path of the input file. Both are just warnings and can be safely ignored.]

CCom: 0.000310 - 119.968000
CCom: 0.004328 - 143.546000
CCom: 0.008444 - 167.453000
[Render is progressing. CCom means "client communication", the first number is the fraction done, second number is the amount of CPU seconds used so far.]

CCom: 0.968060 - 22160.140000
Suspending child...
[BOINC requested us to suspend to memory, so that's what we do]

Resuming child...
CCom: 0.972078 - 22218.234000
[A little later we resume the render]

Com : Infoblock announced...
[Heads up, the application want's to tell us something]

Info: Writing to outfile
Writing using writeimage.c IMB_saveiff: out
Disregard the following: Saved: out Time: 07:05:04.90
'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
[This is what the application tells us. It is done with the render and writing the image to a temporary output file. It also throws another warning that doesn't matter.]

Blender quit
[Blender tells us that is is now dead]

Com : Child finished, shutting down communication...
Exit requested by child or CC
Shutting down pipe to child
[Death has been detected and all communication channels are being shut down to prepare for exit]

Compressing output from child (if any)...
[The zip utility is being run on the output file to compress the results before sending them over the internet]

Calling boinc_finish()...
[This is the last thing that happens before the program exits, after this call BOINC will fetch the output and send it to the server. The slot (on the disk) that BURP used will be cleaned and prepared for the next workunit. Final cpu time will be recorded and reported to the main server for credit.]


Antialiasing warning:
Is just blender telling us that it won't do antialiasing on that image. Nothing bad.
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Message 1358 - Posted: 1 Jul 2005, 14:44:09 UTC

Very interesting Janus, thanks for that.
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