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Message 11977 - Posted: 20 Aug 2013, 11:02:40 UTC

hi guys,
first off im totally new to this as of yesterday. I uploaded 200 frame animation yesterday, prepared it as advised on the site, it uploaded ok, and told me the session had been submitted. My question is when does something happen to it? Ive noticed its still saying no frames done so far. Is there a queue system? have I done something wrong or missed something? My pc seems to be doing something for others through the boinc app, an i leave it running, but it seems my work isnt getting done. if someone could please shed a bit of light on how it works i would appreciate that,

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Message 11979 - Posted: 21 Aug 2013, 8:21:53 UTC - in response to Message 11977.

Your session has to be reviewed by and approved by an admin before it gets distributed to the farm. However, looking at the session list, I don't see one with your name on it--are you sure it was uploaded properly?
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Message 11980 - Posted: 21 Aug 2013, 18:14:59 UTC
Last modified: 21 Aug 2013, 18:15:17 UTC

I just dug into the recent list of sessions and found this one, is that the one?
Curiously it looks like it was submitted but never got through the automated checks and then simply stalled.

To figure out exactly why that happened I will have to check the logs in more detail. Is there anything particularly special about your .blend? Other people uploaded both before and after you, so it may very well be related to the file somehow.

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Message boards : General talk : When does an upload get started on?