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Message 1428 - Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 10:12:55 UTC

Yes! Great!

First time I see more than 5 or 6 waiting parts, actually more than 2500.
And the renderspeed is going up seriously.

What happened/changed? :-D


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Message 1429 - Posted: 27 Jul 2005, 10:37:19 UTC - in response to Message 1428.  
Last modified: 27 Jul 2005, 11:18:00 UTC

That's actually an interesting aspect of distributed rendering using the BURP system, so here goes:

When initially submitting a new session to the network a lot of data will have to be moved to the clients before they can start. This is usually something like 5GB in total (all clients) for a 4MB input file. To avoid having all the clients trying to download the 4MB file at the same time (which has been known to completely jam the network) the initial few hundred WUs are sent out in small batches at a slow pace.

A lot of clients will be sitting iddle during this time. Waiting for the other clients to finish their downloads.

At some point only very few clients haven't downloaded the input file. At this point WU creation is greatly increased so that all clients can now become active. Obviously the more clients that are actively rendering the faster results will get back. This is when the render speed is expected to reach maximum of what BURP is capable of doing.

As soon as the mirror software is ready the entire "slowmotion"-phase can be left out and the system can proceed directly to the second "highspeed"-phase because the mirror network will (or at least hopefully will) be able to provide the downloads without being swamped. This should greatly increase the performance of BURP.
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