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Message 13961 - Posted: 21 Jul 2015, 20:53:08 UTC


when using this url http://burp.renderfarming.net/session_workunits.php?id=2626&show=all

I get the following bug:

7770 Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /mnt/hosting/www/burp_production/libraries/php-java-bridge/Java.inc on line 832 Fatal error: An unchecked exception occured during script execution. Please check the server log files for details. in /mnt/hosting/www/burp_production/libraries/php-java-bridge/Java.inc on line 778

I know this is an extreme case....

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Message 13973 - Posted: 22 Jul 2015, 19:06:17 UTC

Thanks for the heads-up.
Work is still being done on speeding up that page as well as the "Your account" page, the "Other statistics" page, Hall of Fame, Session Gallery and the workunit/result pages for users.

As it is right now it is actually slightly faster than the old version but a 30sec limit has been added to avoid having too many active pages running simultaneously (which was a problem for the workunit/result pages last week).

The goal is using less than 10ms per page and less than 15ms for images on average. We've reached that on a lot of pages on the rest of the site already but there is still work to do yet.

The particular issue on that page is related to how the data is communicated between the BURP backend (that holds information about which workunits belong to what session), BOINC (that has info about the state of each workunit's results) and the frontend (which is rendering the page to present it to you). I have a fairly good idea on how to fix that with a bit of optimization of the data being sent.

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