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Message 14038 - Posted: 12 Aug 2015, 11:05:46 UTC

Hello everyone, Safiy here. I'm new to the community, came over from C4D after seeing how powerful blender is. Truly amazing. Anyway I uploaded my 1st .blend and... it's all pink lol. I failed to pack the textures (although none are external). Also I noticed a few articles on exporting light point cache data when doing sims. Is this true for all sims? I have a particle sim and a smoke sim all are baked. The textures are packed now also. This is what it says to do in the "Preparing your Blender file for rendering" link on the upload page. I'm a little confused here and don't want to waste anymore resources. Any advice is appreciated, thanks

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Message 14041 - Posted: 12 Aug 2015, 14:18:01 UTC
Last modified: 12 Aug 2015, 14:37:25 UTC

In general sims can be quite annoying since Blender usually doesn't store the resulting data in the .blend file that you upload but rather stores it in a temporary directory somewhere on your computer. That's also the reason why the data sometimes has to be saved as geometry animations rather than just the sim settings.

It is a bit hit-and-miss at times. Feel free to experiment. If you figure out a nice way to make it work please post about it so others can learn from it.

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Message 14102 - Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 21:05:10 UTC - in response to Message 14038.

Actually, if uploading .zip files is possible, you could do it by setting the cache to external and the path beginning with "//", the resulting folder located in the same directory as the blend file could be packed together with it. The client would then unpack the zip to a local directory and no problems should be encountered. As a bonus, this would be universal to all effects stored in external files.

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