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Message 14097 - Posted: 16 Sep 2015, 13:19:52 UTC

I'm thinking about people like danan who use multiple BURP sessions to create a film or project. It would be a page where you could link all of the sessions that are a part of the project together, and possibly link/embed the final product and have discussion. I think it would also be cool to see how many frames or what percentage of a session/project you contributed, somewhat like was done with the teams on the Sunflower page.

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Message 14098 - Posted: 16 Sep 2015, 18:54:53 UTC
Last modified: 16 Sep 2015, 18:57:19 UTC

Absolutely - and it actually ties very nicely to the library feature as a project could then be the "container" for libraries related to sessions in that project and it could make it a lot easier to navigate libraries if you have a lot of them.
Much of the framework for projects is already in the DB and back-end (since around 2008 actually) so we're already halfway there.

You can see how much you've contributed to a single session already by looking at the new "Your Contribution" field on the session page. The stats tracker also tracks projects, so once we have a good way of visualizing projects then that feature should be pretty easy to add in a similar manner for projects - maybe even for your team too, not sure yet if that will be too much data to fetch in one go.

Showing your contribution as a percentage of the total amount contributed is a good idea too.

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