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Message 15466 - Posted: 27 Aug 2018, 17:10:33 UTC

A number of issues with this session:
- Resolution selected in upload wizard not configured to the resolution in the scene. Corrected to the one used in the scene
- Splitframe rendering selected for something that only takes 1 second to render, reset to 1 (full frame rendering). Splitframe rendering is mostly used to split frames that are very heavy to render (multiple hours).
- It only takes 1 second to render these frames and hence you really should consider rendering them locally on your own machine rather than sending them to an online renderfarm - there is a lot of overhead in startup up for renders like this.

You have pretty much had these same three comments on each of your past 5 sessions (or so), is the feedback not clear enough?
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Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3462