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Patrick Zimmermann

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Message 4155 - Posted: 13 Oct 2006, 22:36:22 UTC

I think it would be really cool to access burp directly from inside Blender. Just some sort of option to submit the session to Burp instead of rendering it locally. The final results could still be recieved as usual via the webpage.
This would also make it possible to integrate all the other timeconsuming processes of Blender into Burp (Baking of Physics, Liquids, rendering with the different renderers available (I heard rumours about aqsis integration), ...). Of course Blender would first have to know some info on the Burp account, but that wouldn\'t be a problem.
I guess this would be a rather logical choice, because starting rendering processes of Blender files from within Blender with the buttons that also render local is more logical than having to start the process from another app.

I know it is still very early to think about anything like this, but I post it here so the idea wont get lost. This is ofcourse nothing that could be done now, because Burp is not in a serious working state and thus integrating this small feature into Blender would be nonsense and would be rejected, but when Burp is more mature and finally in a working state (and hopefully not only supports rendering, but also the other CPU intensive processes), then this would be really cool.

Small question at the end: Does Burp now also support POV-Ray? There are some POV-Ray projects in the queue. And if yes, why not contact <- them? This looks like a rather similar project.

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Message 4158 - Posted: 14 Oct 2006, 9:45:52 UTC
Last modified: 14 Oct 2006, 9:48:26 UTC

Idea noted.

To answer your question we are indeed working together with PovAddict - it is his application we plan to use, whenever it is ready. BURP is merely a framework that binds everything together, what particular renderer is used doesn\'t really matter as long as it conforms to a certain list of requirements.

I still haven\'t received word back from the PovRay developers on our request to distribute modified PovRay binaries to our users, so those sessions are queued indefinitely untill it is possible to get some response from them.
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