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Message 5837 - Posted: 21 May 2007, 13:20:29 UTC
Last modified: 21 May 2007, 13:22:07 UTC

How is estimated time for wu\'s, which doesnt run any time? If this number is given by server, I have a small idea.

The server could render all frames and parts, buth with extremly small resolution, or with fake render engine, just to estimate the duration of rendering some wu. This time isnt only for user pleasure. This time IMHO could be used, when sending work. When server has just few wu with long duration, and few wu with short duration, he can send shorter wu\'s to slower pc, and longer to faster pc. So all pc\'s will done their work at one time. (I think, now when lastest wu is sent, it can be sent to some computers, which can be extra slow, and that attermining the last percentages of session)

Just idea :-)

PS: is possible to implement render which is identical with blender internal render, buth which is hundred times faster? Buth his output wont be rendered image, buth image with estimated times for each pixel? (color <-> estimated time)
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Message boards : Client : idea to improve