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Message 6270 - Posted: 1 Jul 2007, 14:11:39 UTC
Last modified: 1 Jul 2007, 14:17:46 UTC

CATS, the Compact Automated Transfer System for BURP has been updated as of today. The following things are new in this version:

  • Due to added compression the speedlimit has been raised from 30KB/s to 35KB/s per downloading session.
  • Progressbar now updates with information in different relevant situations.
  • Changing user takes effect right away rather than having to restart the program. The chosen user is remembered so that it will be the same the next time you start the program.
  • Speed information in the statusbar now updates while downloading session files
  • A new feature: Update session list allows you to see if any new sessions have appeared since you started the program for the current user.
  • Browse button in \"Start download\" now works and allows you to visually select a directory using your platform\'s default directory choosing mechanism.
  • The directory storage path is now remembered between different runs of the application.

If you have any issues with the application please post them in this thread.

For a list of frequent questions and answers about CATS BURP please have a look at this thread.
Also have a look at the currently known problems to see if the functionality you are looking for has been implemented yet.

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Message boards : Client : CATS BURP update 1st of July