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Message 6937 - Posted: 23 Oct 2007, 16:01:04 UTC
Last modified: 23 Oct 2007, 16:06:32 UTC

A new version of CATS was released today. It has the following new features and fixes:

  • No clientside speedlimit anymore. This is now controlled dynamically from the server. The effect is a speed increase of about 20-30% on a typical day compared to the previous version.
  • %stitle can now be used
  • The CATS version is now displayed in both the about-box and in the status bar when starting the program.
  • Added support for ranged downloads (ie. downloading from frame x to frame y)
  • The online documentation link will now attempt to open your default browser and point you to the CATS FAQ.
  • Updating the session list now correctly updates it instead of adding the new list to the end of the old one.
  • Aborting a download now instantly aborts it rather than letting it finish the image it was downloading
  • Improved the download speed measure to update to 0 in some situations where it would previously display a positive speed although nothing was being downloaded.

If you experience any issues with this release please post about them here or in a seperate topic.


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Message boards : Client : CATS version 0.2.1 released