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1) Message boards : Client : Looking for bold MAC users (Message 15134)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile Janus
There's a single, very lonely, Mac OSX CUDA workunit out there now. Extremely dangerous, may attak at any time, we must deal with it.

The scheduler is set up to send it to the cuda_fermi plan class on x86_64-apple-darwin. This may or may not be how BOINC refers to CUDA on Mac.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Payday (Message 15128)
Posted 17 days ago by Profile Janus
Another quick update on this one - the problem was deeper in the connection between the Payday script and the backend system than originally expected. The BOINC server page's statistics was only a symptom of the underlying cause.

The script talks to the backend through a special connection. It turns out that the connection can stall if enough data has been sent through it without any answers going back in the other direction. The status page updating could cause a delay in answers and hence cause a stall. Tweaking the timing settings for the connection seems to have almost, but not quite, eliminated the stalls.

The old workunits have been moved to long term storage.
3) Message boards : News : Now Official: Long-term Collaboration with SpaceX (Message 15116)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile Janus
Presently we cannot confirm or deny anything about the Mexico wall project
4) Message boards : News : Now Official: Long-term Collaboration with SpaceX (Message 15113)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile Janus
Since April 2004 we have been under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as SpaceX. In 2017, yesterday in fact with the completion of the rocket re-launch live stream, the contract ran out and we can now finally talk publically about what has been going on behind the scenes all this time as we move forward into an open collaboration with SpaceX on their upcoming missions.

Space is hard, rocket science in particular is very hard. In 2004, just a few years after the SpaceX company was founded, they approached us with the problems they were facing. It had become clear that it was simply too dificult to complete the rockets and development that was required for NASA launches and instead the proposal was to simply render very convincing computer generated 3D graphics instead.
This is where BURP comes in. In 2004 it was very difficult to do these kinds of convincing animations - they initially tried using just normal office computers with simplified night-time visualizations but people on Twitter had become aware that many of the early "launches" seemed to occour at night. Quite quickly the rendering was offloaded onto BURP and we set up a front to look like a rendering service where people could get their Blender animations rendered - when in fact we were rendering SpaceX launches for their "live" streams.

Now that the NDA contract has run out we don't have to wait until the live stream starts in order to publicly show what is being rendered.

Elon Dusk, CEO of SpaceX had the following comment:
BURP is awesome. Now that it has grown so much we expect to be able to render missions to Mars way before 2019, there is nowhere we cannot appear to be going.

Also, when SpaceX eventually catches up with the reasearch for real actual rockets, part of the agreement is that BURP will get to be amongst the very first customers to launch its servers into space. That should make the workunits a lot lighter.

If you missed yesterday's show be sure to check out the "live" stream recording.
5) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3342 (Message 15108)
Posted 25 Mar 2017 by Profile Janus
628 days of cloud computing! ;)
(sorry, couldn't help the dad joke)
6) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 2765 (Message 15103)
Posted 21 Mar 2017 by Profile Janus
This session got stuck in an unfortunate bug in the upload handler and was recently recovered.

This session and 2766 have both been rejected because we do not yet support rendering physics systems from .zip-files.
7) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3342 (Message 15101)
Posted 20 Mar 2017 by Profile Janus
Switching this to best-effort mode. Credit at next Payday run.
8) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3342 (Message 15098)
Posted 15 Mar 2017 by Profile Janus
Some of these units are extremely slow while others are insanely fast. If it takes much longer it will probably have to be switched to "best effort"-mode.
9) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3332 (Message 15096)
Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
OpenEXR support is currently an experimental feature available on request - you must request it in the session description, otherwise your session will be stored as PNG.
Do you want me to clone this session as OpenEXR?
10) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3337 (Message 15093)
Posted 25 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
This scene was already rendered, the result is available in Session 3264
The session was rejected.
11) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3334 (Message 15089)
Posted 23 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
Texture "black studio.exr" referenced as environment texture is missing from the .blend - did you remember to pack it before uploading?
This session has been rejected.
12) Message boards : General talk : Janus, can you tell your timezone ? (Message 15085)
Posted 20 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
Good question, here's a fancy bar-graph (with an intentionally confusing polynomial fitted to it just for kicks) that shows at what hours sessions where accepted so far.
0 was left out, nobody loves 0.

13) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3330 (Message 15084)
Posted 20 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
Also a test to see if the new 32-bit full float format with .zip-compression actually works or not.
14) Message boards : Website : E-Mail notifications (Message 15080)
Posted 18 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
15) Message boards : Client : Filmic support (Message 15079)
Posted 18 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
Blender will quite likely eventually support these kind of custom profiles directly through the compositor at some point. Its just a matter of time before people get tired of having to restart Blender in order to switch between the default profile and different profiles (there's not just one Filmic version, it seems).

We already unofficially support HDR for scene referred colour rendering. Once the render is started you can download and play around with different OpenColorIO transforms by converting into display referred formats (like through Filmic or similar) through the compositor on your own machine.
You have to select OpenEXR output in your scene and ask for it to be enabled in the upload description text.
I don't think anyone has ever tried this, so would be cool if you are interested in giving it a shot to see if it actually works and gives the same results as if Filmic was on the farm.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Explain Boost X1, Boost X2, etc... (Message 15069)
Posted 10 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
It is somewhat but not entirely ignored. No credit is deducted.
17) Message boards : Problems and Help : can we delete a session ? (Message 15068)
Posted 10 Feb 2017 by Profile Janus
Around 0.5 cubic meters.

Oh, you mean the specs?! Hard to say since it is somewhat virtualized, so "the server" is not just in one location and changes size dynamically based on how much it is used. Around 47TB of physical harddrive space is used to run BURP/ at the moment.
More than half of it is allocated to a sub-project that has to do with building a new validator for Cycles-like renderers and it will eventually be deleted once a proper validation method has been developed.
The core of the project really doesn't use much storage:
Around 15GB of virtual storage is used for video, 102GB for data uploaded by artists, 5.1TB for frame storage and presentation, 26GB on fast SSDs for speeding up the website.
18) Message boards : Website : Setting up BURP frontend development environment (Message 15054)
Posted 26 Jan 2017 by Profile Janus
BURP depends on BOINC being installed.

Well, it is a little complicated actually:
1) You start out by installing the BOINC backend (the server, not the client). Once you've got that up and running and tested you can move on to (2)
2) Then you run 'sh ./setup /path/to/project/base' from the checked out BURP code. This installs the BURP web-frontend on top of the default BOINC one.
3) Next you need the BURP backend server (also called the BURP Core) in order to actually see anything useful in the frontend pages. To get that you must install a Tomcat/Glassfish/Jetty or similar server for Java-based web containers. Then compile BURP and install the .war file
4) Go to the core backend URL on your server and type in the database credentials, file paths etc. for BOINC (if they are not detected automatically). The DB connection is something like "jdbc:mysql://:3306/yourproject" but each setting in the Core is pretty well documented when you hit edit for it, so just follow the instructions there.
4b) Once done with the database setup, restart the container or hit "Retry / Reconnect" somewhere on that page if the option is available.
5) BURP Core will unpack the required additional database tables and install them in the database for you alongside the existing BOINC ones. You will be able to see this happen in the server log file as each feature is enabled one by one on the very first run (and additional changes later if you update from one version of BURP to another at some point in the future).

Then you should pretty much have an empty version of the current BURP website.

If you are interested in CSS too then you should be aware that there is not just one, but two different frontend looks checked into the code repository (set in /burpproject/header). The one currently used is the one called "old". The whole thing is auto-generated using SCSS with Compass extensions.
19) Message boards : Website : Not finished session marked as 100% finished (Message 15050)
Posted 25 Jan 2017 by Profile Janus
That is clearly some unacceptable math going on right there. The responsible programmer has been sent to a correctional facility and the problem has been fixed.
20) Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3310 (Message 15041)
Posted 19 Jan 2017 by Profile Janus
Not getting consist rendering results - switching to best-effort mode.

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