Sunflower A.12.07.2.L (phys fixed)

Sunflower A.12.07.2.L (phys fixed)


An attempt to re-render 12.07 with physics
An attempt to re-render Session 1216 (Scene 12.07) where a bunch of spikes shoot out of the ground causing leaves and dirt to disperse in all directions.

As a main part of this session is a physics simulation for the dirt and leaves. This uses one of the recently added features: per-frame physics libraries.

In the first render the physics data was somehow skewed with the actual frames, so the animation did not render correctly because some of the data was not available on the rendering nodes when it needed to be.
This session attempts to fix that issue by having re-baked all of the physics systems.

This is the left eye view of the stereo video. The right eye is rendered in Session 1430.

Big Buck Bunny is copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / available under CC-by v3

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