Sunflower A.03.01.2.L (failed)

Sunflower A.03.01.2.L (failed)


Re-render of 03_01
This session corrects an issue where the particles from the butterfly were missing for the last 15 frames in Session 1208

This is the left eye view of the stereo video. The right eye is rendered in Session 1464.

Big Buck Bunny is copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / available under CC-by v3

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Message 11290 - Posted: 12 Apr 2012, 19:18:46 UTC

I accidentally sent this session to the wrong segment of the farm when I started it. It was sent to the clients that do not have Sunflower and hence do not have all the Big Buck Bunny movie files. As a consequence the clients will start to download the files, they will afterwards open the .blend and then fail.

Even though the issue was discovered and corrected within just 10 seconds several clients still managed to grab some workunits. If you have one of those clients please abort the workunit, abort the transfers and then hit "Update Project".

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