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Message 11751 - Posted: 14 Apr 2013, 9:32:12 UTC
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When you render on an online renderfarm you should try to consider the following factors into the estimated time that it takes to render locally and on the farm:
- How many frames are there?
- How long would each frame take to render?
- How big (megabytes) is the session?
- How long would it take someone to review your session?
- How much other stuff is already in the current renderqueue?

If the number of frames is low or the time it takes to render each frame is low it may actually be faster to simply render the animation locally rather than on the renderfarm because of the overhead added by reviewing the session and sending it to the volunteers for rendering.
The more frames and the more computation each frame needs the better the efficiency of the renderfarm gets.

As an example let's take session 1538:
- Number of frames: 1
- Time to render each frame: 0.65 seconds
- 0.4MB
Rendered locally this would take around 0.65 seconds plus the time it takes to fully depress and then release the F12 key on the keyboard.
Rendered on the farm it took 2 mins and 10 seconds merely to fill out the upload form. Adding to that is the time it takes an admin to pick up and review the session (currently a lot and if your session contains any scripts this will further add to the time that it takes to review that session) as well as the time it takes to distribute the .blend files to the clients. After that you have to add the time it takes to transfer back the images to the server and download the final result from the server. This combined is more than 0.65 secs even on a good day.

Last but not least you have to add the time it takes an admin to rant about it on the forum afterwards =)
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