Fog Right test

Fog Right test


Single frame test
I figured out why my results were different and fixed the problem.
Now the right part should work, but I prefer to do a test on one frame before I upload the whole animation.

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Message 14744 - Posted: 24 Sep 2016, 16:44:46 UTC
Last modified: 24 Sep 2016, 16:46:06 UTC

In case you wonder what caused the problem :

Originally, I splitted the scene in 2 parts to pull the size of the .blend files under the upload limit (500 MB), but to do that I had to remove some trees in each part (left or right side of the camera).
But since volume scattering throws rays in every direction and makes them bounce a lot, the missing trees from the left part affected the lighting of the whole frame, so the right part was way too bright.

To fix that, I put back the trees of the left part but replaced them by instances of the right part trees to keep the same file size. The trees are different but the lighting should be good on the right side of the camera.

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Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3181