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Professor Desty Nova
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Message 15282 - Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 15:00:31 UTC

This Session seems to be triggering lots of "Completed, marked as invalid" WU.

Professor Desty Nova
Researching Karma the Hard way

jon b.
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Message 15283 - Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 19:22:38 UTC - in response to Message 15282.

I'm getting an invalid rate of about 12.5% on these WUs.

My Windows hosts are also not receiving any work:

11/12/2017 12:19:49 PM | BURP | Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.
11/12/2017 12:19:49 PM | BURP | Requesting new tasks for CPU
11/12/2017 12:19:51 PM | BURP | Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks
11/12/2017 12:19:51 PM | BURP | No tasks sent
11/12/2017 12:19:51 PM | BURP | Tasks are committed to other platforms

Profile Janus
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Message 15284 - Posted: 13 Nov 2017, 21:07:32 UTC
Last modified: 13 Nov 2017, 21:16:54 UTC

I believe this session is the perfect example on why the current pixel-based validator sometimes fails entirely on Cycles renders. If you click the picture in the preview and zoom in there's this very fine grained random noise all over. It is different every time a node returns a frame.

Good news is that it seems there is a way to turn that to an advantage. The pixels may not be the same but the noise characteristics from each render node almost is. By analyzing the noise in segments, comparing THAT, and then comparing the remaining pixel data in the rendered images with filtering for the noise profile applied it should be possible to get a lot closer to a good validator for Cycles sessions.

No idea when the implementation of this will be fully ready but we are currently storing all the returned variations of each frame in order to be able to test the implementation on that data when it is.

In parallel with the above idea there is another validation mode being tested already, it has to do with detecting large features in each image and matching those to each other. It is going to be interesting to see if those two ideas combined could make for a validator that works well for both Blender Internal (like the pixel validator) and Cycles.

Naturally the "marked as invalid" WUs will also be credited eventually

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Message boards : Comments and discussion : 3411