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Falling Ice + Glass
Falling Ice + Glass.

Retry of session that failed on 2.42 clients.

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Message 5671 - Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 12:33:43 UTC

One wu is done at about 10 minutes. I have set my account \"Connect to network about every\" 0.1 days. I changed this to 3, buth nothing changed.

Problem for me is, that boinc client downloads 2 wu\'s. I have 2 cores. one task finish (core is free to another task), buth NO more task is waiting. Why?

In messages is my client requesting for example 13000 second of new work, when I have just one working wu. After request comes some wu. (again two cores computing two wu\'s, nothing waiting). After this I\'am trying to manualy update. Buth this message apears:

28. 4. 2007 14:30:48|BURP|(not requesting new work or reporting completed tasks)

It\'s ok?

PS: I wrote also to boinc.sk with another problem. They recomend me boincStudio. Problem was, that I have notebook, and sometime I want to download work for one day, because I will have no internet, buth notebook will be running. It\'s some other solution, how to request some more wu\'s ?

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Message 5674 - Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 21:23:17 UTC

This is probably ok. There are a few things that will cause the client not to fetch more work when it appears that more work is needed. Short deadlines from the project being the most likely in this case. Running multiple projects can cause times when BOINC will not want work from specific projects. Another possiblity is if the host is not on most of the time BOINC will want less work for the same settings.

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Message 5691 - Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 22:55:40 UTC

This is some pretty good rendering on this. Looks really good!

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