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Once again Danan has completed work on a movie, this time the short film "Uyir". The storytelling style is recognizable from his earlier works Vetri and Tripping but has a different emotional twist this time.
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On June the 16th 2004, the very first test renders started rendering on BURP. A lot has happened
since then and a lot of the original ideas from back then have now been turned into reality.
We aren't done just yet, so stay tuned for more in the next 10 years -
Happy anniversary!
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Danan has completed his work on the movie "Vetri" that we've recently been rendering. This is the third, large, movie project that he has done - the former ones being "Tripping" and "Theevan" - and he has already promised that there is going to be more where it came from.
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In 2008 the Blender Foundation created an open movie called Big Buck Bunny and released it and the source files for everyone to enjoy.
The BURP renderfarm has been working on an upgrade - a stereoscopic, high resolution and high frame rate rework of Big Buck Bunny, completely open in the same spirit as the original.

What we do

BURP aims to develop an open source publicly distributed system for rendering 3D animations.

Currently the Blender v2.81a Cycles rendering engine is supported.

Read about getting started and have fun!


This is a BETA project, certain restrictions apply. Not all uploaded sessions will be rendered right away, sometimes the schedulers are down for maintenance.
We are still in the testing phases and do not yet provide the security and stability of a full-blown BOINC project.