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Hi, I'm a student in computer graphics - video Games industry at Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, Belgium (http://www.mentalwarp.com/~heaj/ non-official,...


Nov 2, 2004

The resulting videofiles from the test are now available here for download.
Due to a few serverside problems during the test some frames went missing - this is what causes the occasional skipping...

Oct 30, 2004

The test of the windows and linux clients have finished. I am now convinced that distributed rendering is very effective and not at all that "impossible" to get working.
Focus will now be on:

You probably won't see much news untill just before the alpha phase of this project begins.
Thanks for helping out with the testing of the pre-alpha clients! - You helped find several bugs and places that needed improvements.

Oct 28, 2004

The bug has been fixed. The client does not show progress nor CPU time used at this early stage of development.

Oct 28, 2004

A bug in the windows client has been found - I will try to fix it within a couple of hours. Please do NOT run the windows client untill the bug is fixed - it will waste your time.

Oct 28, 2004

The public test of the Windows client will start later today - the new linux client will also be tested. Preparations are being made...
This time the animation is provided by Mifune and shows a metal-like ring. Each frame uses about 2 to 10 minutes of CPU time on a modern system and at most 32MB of RAM. More details will be published later (and the finished animation will be available for download)

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