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Message 9194 - Posted: 28 Jan 2009, 3:33:30 UTC

As I write some scripts, I wish I could test some things out, such as see what an array really contains, so I can see what data I can take advantage of. It would be nice to see what bugs are in my code, and all that good stuff. I was thinking that it might be nice if some (not all because it would require boinc setup, and mirror setup etc.) to be put in a virtual machine which would be distributed to either selected or all users per request. This might include sample database entries, (obviously not user data, only fake users) and the scripts that make the web site work so that I can test CSS and see what it will look like. This could also be done with a \'sandbox\' where on the burp site some users could get FTP access and modify files, which would be reset as soon as they logged out. This is a dangerous solution tho, and I think the former might make more sense. There might be security flaws, and other problems tho, so it might not be such a good idea, not to mention the work it would take to set up. If anyone knows of a good way to test these scripts please say so!
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Message boards : Server backend and mirrors : coder\'s VM?