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Message 10130 - Posted: 26 Feb 2005, 0:00:00 UTC

Yafray tests. Good news everyone: While fiddling around with the blender Yafray plugin I suddenly got it to work with BURP.
While Yafray is known for being lightning fast at some things it can also take a lot of time to render even simple objects when the number of photons is high. This is why I have always been interested in also supporting Yafray in BURP.
The current test-implementation of the Yafray BURP patch does not show the progress of each frame as it renders, neither does it record CPU time. Another problem is textures... seems to be tricky to get them to work.
You will have to wait a couple of months before the first online tests of the Yafray plugin are started - the image gallery is still first priority.
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Message boards : News : Yafray tests