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Message 10194 - Posted: 5 Dec 2005, 0:00:00 UTC

Backups. Starting at 19.00 UTC the server will be down for backup and a forum software update. It is expected to be up again at most an hour later.
[Edit at 19.56 UTC] The project is online again. The forum software is about to be updated.
[Edit at 22.52 UTC] Forum software is still being updated. Please be patient. BURP is the first BOINC project to test this code so problems are expected.
[Edit at 00.58 UTC] Ok, getting late here - will have to fix the remaining issues tomorrow. Please try to find any issue with the current forum software (ignore all errors that are not related to the forum for now!). You can test the forum using the test forum and report any issues in this thread.
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Message boards : News : Backups