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Message 11336 - Posted: 16 May 2012, 6:23:15 UTC
Last modified: 16 May 2012, 6:24:50 UTC

Hi all,

The the past few days I've been hooked up to this site (via BOINC), I've noticed a few things:

1. The website seems to take a long time to do a page load. Sometimes (especially on the development site) I'm kept waiting for half a minute, and other times (usually on this site) its half a second. Is this a bug?

2. When I try to create a profile, I go through the profile creation page, click submit, and get an error:
Could not open socket
(I don't get anything else but a blank page).

3. When I try to search the forum, I get no results (for any search whatsoever), and I notice a small PHP error:
Notice: Undefined variable: thread in /mnt/hosting/www/burp_production/html/user/forum_search_action.php on line 211

As far as I can tell, these things are bugs. Are these able to be fixed anytime soon?

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Message 11338 - Posted: 17 May 2012, 22:46:20 UTC

Currently the primary Internet networking on the server is offline and has been so since Monday this week. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do anything about it since I have been in London for work-related stuff. I need to get some sleep now but I'll call the ISP first thing in the morning to hear what on earth is going on.

Sorry for the slowdown!
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