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Message 14304 - Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 17:24:29 UTC

A couple of comments on this session:
1) You should be aware that the scene file contains about 1MB of unused textures. You can avoid that by saving the file, closing Blender, opening the saved file in Blender, then save it again.
2) The scene file is still very large due to dandelions. Consider optimizing those meshes
3) A single frame with no split-frame rendering is newer rendered very efficiently on online renderfarms. The major speedup from rendering online comes from splitting the session into smaller pieces or having many frames needing to be rendered.
4) Try to avoid attaching text-files or scripts to the session unless you absolutely have to. Mostly they are just wasting space but they also increase the amount of time required to review your session before it is accepted.
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Message boards : Comments and discussion : 2951