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Message 14409 - Posted: 25 Apr 2016, 19:29:07 UTC

Good day(night)!

As you may know me, I'm Horea Pop from Romania, with CIM renderings.
My project is: Bricks with mechanical joints.

Appeal to anyone that can write code for BOINC regarding the holidays villa mounting, using models and drawings with odds and sizes.
Have 21, 3Ds and 2Ds -- there is need only for one more model, witch I will design it in 2 hours, these days. Have also electric surveying, wiring diagram made by an engineer, architectural model made in Blender by an engineer as well and those 2 renderings with mounting animations.
...and offcourse screw and nut models.

Geometry is too complex for one machine to process.
Now have a desktop PC with SSD, A8, GTX 760 + FX 3700, 16 GB RAM 1600 MHz and expensive motherboard but still can't join only 2 rows of villa -- more exacly of one room.

So, was thinking to give, up to, 300 techincal licenses, for this job to be accomplished.

For the one whos writting the app for BOINC can be 30 licenses.
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Message boards : General talk : CIM app for BOINC