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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Problem downloading WU (Message 843)
Posted 7 May 2005 by Profile PeterHallgarten
Boinc v4.37 is just out..

New features
# A new scheduler has been written for the client-side application so the client can be attached to many more without missing deadlines.
# Fixes a bug in which Intellisense/Intellipoint closes applications while in screensaver mode.
# Fixes bugs with managed deployments with Active Directory.
# A new 'Select Computer' dialog remembers which computers you have connected to.
# A new statistics tab has been added to the BOINC manager (thanks to Jens Breitbart for the great feature).
# Support for UMTS networks.
# Numerious usability fixes.
# Fixed connectivity problems on all platforms.
# Support for account management websites.
# Password protection for GUI access.
# BOINC Manager now sports a new button based interface which replaces the html based interface in previous versions.
# BOINC Manager now is built with wxWidgets 2.6.0
# Symbol files (*.pdb) have been removed from the installer to help out those on dialup connections. We were not receiving very many, if any crashes in the last few months. We'll make the symbol files available as a seperate download.

Known issues

* Applications that were built before October 2004 do not display screensaver graphics with the Service or Shared install type, or the Single-user install type with the password protect screensaver option on NT based machines.
* If BOINC runs at the same time as Windows XP 3D screensavers, the system becomes sluggish and unresponsive.
* Same issues for dialup users as 4.25.
* Same issues for ATI graphics cards as 4.25.

2) Message boards : Client : Blender continues to run when aborted (Message 663)
Posted 24 Apr 2005 by Profile PeterHallgarten
Hi All,

I aborted via gui a bleender WU that was overdue and i found 2 instances of blender taking some 200Meg of ram still running on the PC against otehr WU.

I am runing v4.32 on this PC (which is supposed to cope with non checkpointing WU and i have noticed that when boinc trys to suspend the burp WU, it continues to run in memory with some 40% usage for each blender instances and some 200Meg or ram used.

3) Message boards : Server backend and mirrors : Lessening Server Stress (Message 452)
Posted 9 Apr 2005 by Profile PeterHallgarten
> However, for a project this new, it is causing problems. Until BURP has the
> servers and mirrors and workunits and such to support such a large amount of
> interested users, I would strongly suggest that whomever is in charge to
> disable the ability to create accounts and limit the number of active users.
> Other BOINC projects (such as LHC@Home and Einstein@Home) have done the same
> or are still restricting their number of users. I think LHC@Home can support
> many more users than they currently have, but they are still holding off for a
> little bit. This is a pre-alpha project, after all. :P It would be a shame
> to watch it stumble because of something like server bandwith being exceeded.

I wuild also susgest that the project be limited in people till things are sorted and then users slowely added.
4) Message boards : Problems and Help : BURP and Corupt client_state.xml (Message 415)
Posted 7 Apr 2005 by Profile PeterHallgarten

I have had the stderr.txt written to the client_stat.xml file. I have reported the bug on bbugs as

I am going to do a reset on BURP to try and fix the corupt file or hand edit it after backing it up.

I had to hand edit the file to straighten it out.