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I am a 14 year old boy from NY who 3D models as a hobby.

I saw on blender\'s home page a link to this site:

Now being one of those try everything new people I signed up and received $10 credit. To test it I uploaded some frames from the .blend that I submitted in this session:

Now Until I watched this for a while I hadn\'t realized how great BURP is, and I thought I\'d share my findings so that you all can see too. To start off with you upload the session with a python script in blender, then you can monitor the progress from the dashboard page on that site. One of the things it tells you is how many cores are crunching on it. Here are the specs for the machines they use:

\"...each with two single-core Intel Xeon CPUs running at 3.2GHz and 2GB of RAM.\" ~ the green button site

On my project between 40 and 80 cores were being used at the times I checked in. I\'m not sure, but I\'m guessing that there are more than 80 cores working on projects submitted to BURP. I have 4 cores at 3.6 GHZ donated to burp, and there are 1000 users (if I remember correctly) in this stage of BURP.

--I will interject with a suggestion for BURP. It would be nice if on the sidebar under that status section there was an indicator for how many cores are crunching (how many WUs are sent out)at the time the page is loading. It would be a cool number to see I think.--

Anyway, that is not the end of this, oh no not by a long shot. BURP is free. To render your stuff you help other people by letting their project run on your computer, a great implementation of helping other people and open source. This is called [bold]Donating[/bold] CPU time, and I support that choice of words.

Now green button on the other hand is not free. Well it is free for the first $10 of computing, but that doesn\'t last long. With 4 cores each frame of this project takes 4 hours to render, and so with the specs above it would be a little longer. For a grand total of 90 frames at 1.00c/minute, the charge would have been a whopping: $1895.68

--Ok, another suggestion. For each project rendered It would be nice to have under the amount of CPU time the project took a conversion of how much money this would cost at the rate of $0.10 per minute (and euro equivalent) as this is a real life number. Many sites have tickers like \'x customers served to this date\' and other bragging things. Well as the title says, \'who says open source can\'t brag\', I think the home page should have a bold number showing the amount of work BURP has done with a measure of money, so a sum of all of the project\'s costs at $0.10 per hour.--

This is simple math and coding, as the CPU time is logged anyway, so all it takes is some multiplication. One reason this would benefit BURP is that when account application is opened again people might look at those numbers and sign up in a real hurry. This is good because donated CPU time goes up, the number of animations goes up, and a larger community is built. And besides that Janus has done some amazing coding, and I think he deserves some recognition and seeing numbers like this every time I log in would remind me of the wonderful service Janus has provided... for FREE!

I just thought I\'d share, as I was un-aware how great BURP is. I had just thought it was a cool thing, not realizing how much better it is than other solutions.- and it is still in alpha! I think we can expect great thing is the future!

But there is one other thing that is really great about BURP, and I have saved it for last. One of the fundamentals of Open Source. The fact that I can post this message, enjoy and comment on other people\'s work, get wonderful feedback from other people about my work, submit code to the project, ask for help, and get wonderful answers from people with interests like mine. I am talking about the community here at BURP. Earlier I stated that building a community would be a plus, and left it at that, but in reality it is one of the strongest points of the Open Source [bold] Community [/bold]. I can\'t see the renders that other people made on Green Button, but Janus says right in his profile:

\"... I like to watch good quality 3D animations and this is one way of having people do more of these...\" ~Janus\' profile

To sum up, I thought I\'d take a second to share with people how great BURP actually is. I am 15 years old, and am just getting started with 3D modeling. I started with some simple scenes, but since I joined burp I have been able to make some animations that I would never have dreamed of rendering myself. When I started with BURP I had a pentium III, so anything above simple was just too much. BURP was there tho, so I could make what ever I wanted. BURP has really changed my life, allowing me to explore. BURP was also my first real intro to forum talking, and now I spend hours a day making tutorials to answer questions on forums. I have been able to learn more about this art from the feedback given on my submitted renders. And for all of this I think we all should really understand how great BURP is, and appreciate what Janus has provided for us.

[note from Janus:] we are at around a total equivalence of 89 CPU-years of rendering right now
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I think that BURP is a great idea! in my profile I have a few suggestions, and share my views quite extensively. Check it out!
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